Let’s face it. Kids are active, even (or most often) when we’re exhausted.

I thought it expedient (and kinda smart too) to have a page (and a couple sub-pages and sub-sub-pages) with ideas for activities to do with kids.

Each of the activities I write about (and post) will be ones that I either have or plan to do with my kids.

I’ll try to post pictures of the activities, as well as (if I remember) reactions from the kids and which of my children liked what activities best, so that you can gear projects to your children’s ages.

A little comment about over-idealism vs. realism (ever a challenge of mine to find the balance between the two), with the busy lives we (and our children) lead, it’s not feasible to plan a constructive and exciting activity every single day (and if you have figured out how to do this, please let me know, and you are invited to take over this blog; better yet, take over the parenting of my kids–kidding). Back to the original thought, a solution (perhaps only temporary) that I have come up with is to try to do something small with the kids every day.

One day it might be reading a (or a few) stories in the evening, or the chapter of a book.

Another evening it might be making popcorn (my all-time favorite snack) and watching a video all together.

Another evening, I might not manage more than reading a Bible chapter (and praying together) before bed.

Some evenings I’m taking classes and it’s up to my husband to do something with the kids (he’s going through a Bible video series with them, and they are usually asleep by the time I get home, which is awesome!)

So as far as bigger projects, I am trying to plan one every week, on Saturday evenings.

During the winter season, you’ll find details on specific projects and activity ideas on the “winter evenings” page.

And yes, the numerous portions in parenthesis in this post were intentional. And if they drove you completely crazy (here’s another one), just be glad you’re not privy to my inner monologues (chock full of parenthetical thought processes).

Oh, and remind me next time to avoid posting past ten in the evening; not a good idea for a mother. 🙂


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