Summertime Fun

cherry pickingTen Great Ideas for Quality Time with Your Children this Summer

It’s summertime, the months when the kids decide that, if the sun is going to bed later, so should they. School is out, thus they are home every hour of the ever-lengthening day, and they want something to keep their inquisitive minds and energetic bodies occupied. The weather outside is only fit for frying eggs on the pavement and using magnifying glasses to terrorize unsuspecting six-legged creatures (not that I have ever done such a thing in my childhood).

If you’re looking for ideas that involve more than eye-thumb coordination (i.e. texting, gaming), here are our …

Ten Great Ideas for Quality Time with Your Children this Summer:

  1. Take on a building/home improvement project with your kids. If it’s an outside project, do it in the mornings before it gets hot, or in the evenings after it cools down
  2. Choose a book and read a chapter together every day
  3. Find a creative or educational computer program to play together
  4. Choose one educational goal and spend a short time on it with your child every day
  5. Give your child an art book to draw pictures of things they observe throughout the summer; you can help with the captions or story to go along with it
  6. Teach them a new sport or skill
  7. Plant something, tend it together, and watch it grow
  8. Make a scrapbook together (or buy one and work on it together)
  9. Cook a meal (or make a special snack) together once a week
  10. Think ahead! Start making unique and memorable birthday or Christmas gifts for friends and family

daughter helping to cookWe are planning to use some (if not all) of these ideas. Keep checking this page because as the summer progresses, you’ll find these ideas linked to pages with pictures and details of our “summertime fun.”

If you have any ideas or plans for your summer, please comment or send them in and we can compose a new post with ideas from you!


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