Cooking with Kids

“A” is for Apple Cake

At my mom’s house, I discovered a recipe book we had when I was a kid. It has a recipe for every letter of the alphabet, from “A is for Apple Crisp” to “Z is for Zebra Striped Cookies”. When I was nine and ten years old, I must have made Apple Crisp a dozen times, until I knew it by heart. In India, I began making apple cake instead. This is the recipe I used.

Recently, my daughter improved on the recipe by asking me if there was some kind of glaze or icing she could put on top of the apple cake. We opted for lemon glaze, and it tastes delicious!

This is the mess we made on “baking day”
Baking Day Mess

And here were the finished products: Lemon Squares, Banana Bread Muffins, Apple Cake, and Apple Crisp

Baking with Kids

*    *     *

“B” is for Banana Bread

Baking with the kids in the summer of 2012 …

Jessica mashing the bananas

Jessica (7 y.o.) mashing the bananas

Aiden mixing the wet ingredients

Aiden (3 y.o.) mixing the wet ingredients

Jessica stirring the batter

Jessica stirring the batter

I didn’t take a picture of the finished product. All I know is that it tastes great with dark chocolate spread on top!

*    *     *

“C” is for Chocolate Mousse Pie

This one didn’t come from the kids’ cook book, but it was an easy no-bake recipe that I found online. Jessica enjoyed helping me at every stage, from whipping the cream to folding in the melted chocolate.

Jessica whipping the cream

Jessica whipping the cream

Folding in the chocolate mixture

Folding in the chocolate mixture

The finished product

The finished product

Jessica made the white chocolate design herself, and happily presented the pie to her grandparents with great fanfare and an excited explanation of the picture.

  1. That is a really cute idea.

  2. Yum. Kids love to work with parents on a simple recipe. I had fun with Luke making a cake.

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