Winter Evenings

Winter evenings.

The sun often sets before five, and the kids are up past nine … sometimes way past.

It’s too dark and cold to go outside, so what do you do with them?

It’s hard to always think of something “constructive” as my mom used to put it when I was young.

Here are a few ideas for winter evenings.

Keep checking this page and its sub-pages, because I’ll be writing more on the topic of winter evening activities.


1. Hold a supreme board game competition, pulling out every board game you have (we don’t have many) and playing one at a time.

2. Bake something fun and different together, like pretzels or churros!

3. Build a huge train set across the living room floor, and get down there to play with them.

4. Learn how to sign a song together (how-to ASL videos are available on youtube).

5. Do a puzzle. It can be 100-piece, 500-piece, or 1,000-piece, depending on your children’s ages and interest.

6. Prepare for upcoming events by making cards or posters.

7. Find clay pots (or some other type of ceramic or plaster) and spend an evening painting to your heart’s content.

8. Have an art contest, or a series of them, using a different art form each time, to make sure everyone has a chance to win.

9. Help your kids find penpals (maybe the children of a FB friend who is roughly the same age as them) and work together to write a letter or make a card for him/her.

10. Read a book together, a chapter or two every evening.

(And if you really want to get into indoor activities with your kids, this website has some great ideas: Kids’ Activities.)


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