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A Parent’s Prayer for Rest

a parent's prayer

You who said, “Come unto me all ye who are weary and heavy-laden and I will give you rest,” I come to you now.

For I am weary indeed. Mentally and physically I am bone-tired. I am all wound up, locked up tight with tension. I am too tired to eat. Too tired to think. Too tired even to sleep. I feel close to the point of exhaustion.

Lord, let your healing love flow through me.

I can feel it easing my tensions. Thank you. I can feel my body relaxing. Thank You. I can feel my mind begin to get calm and quiet and composed. 

Thank you for unwinding me, Lord, for unlocking me. I am no longer tight and frozen with tiredness, but flowing freely, softly, gently into your healing rest.

Marjorie Holmes

I’ve Got to Talk to Somebody, God


A Parent’s Prayer

A ChildLord

…why is it that even with my own children I get tongue-tied

and can’t say the things that are aching to be said?

All I can get said is “Good-bye” and “Have a good trip!” and “Take care.”

And they are gone

…perhaps without even knowing the love in which they are held

the pride I have in them

the faith.

The memories of a thousand shared joys—aches—problems—crazy moments of fun—are there

…but all I can say is “Take care.”

Maybe there aren’t any words.

But, dear Lord, let me message get through to them, somehow.

Help them understand that some things are beyond saying.

Some moments are more than tongue can tell

or heart can hold in silence.

And the meaningless words I manage to say are fraught with love.

I guess they know, Lord,

…even as I know, through their tongue-tied good-bye and unsaid affection, the bond of love that continues to unite us.

I’m grateful, Lord, that it doesn’t have to depend on words.

Bless us with Thy unspoken word

Thy unspoken love.



By Jo Carr and Imogene Sorley, Plum Jelly and Stained Glass & Other Prayers

Found in Between Heaven and Earth, by Ken Gire