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One Day They Will be Grown

little boy reaching upwardIt’s not easy, in the midst of a myriad of parenting duties, to keep in mind that one day these children will be grown. One day – sooner probably than I realize – my influence in their lives will no longer be the same. Yes, I will always be their mother, but the mommy dynamics change drastically once they move out. Move out? Ack! (Breathe. Just breathe.)

One day each of my children will come to recognize their God-given calling and realize their life’s passions. One day each of them will reach the point where they have to decide what path they will take. Will it be the road less traveled?

I hope. I pray.

And I think that a major factor that will help to answer that question is my frame of mind as their mother. (The same for fathers too.) If I strive to see every day as an opportunity to prepare them for the day they will be making their own decisions, determining their own road, it just might make a difference.

I hope. I pray.

That they will thrill to the idea of serving God and helping others, find joy in living a life of purpose, and feel the sheer delight of delighting in God and finding that their heart’s deepest desires are returned to them … Or transformed into something greater, deeper, more glorious.

That they will come to know, in the midst of joy or sorrow, a Presence that remains with them through it all. And that during every step they take, they will feel the support and love of their father and me.

I hope. I pray.