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A Worthy Resolution

New Year 2013 with childrenOn my eleventh birthday, I got my first diary. It was a gift from my grandmother. It was pink, with a picture of a girl on the front. It also had a lock and key.

I wrote in it faithfully … for a while at least. At that age, I didn’t have much else to do.

Then the inevitable happened. I forgot to write in it for a while. I opened it, apologizing to the inanimate pages that I hadn’t written in for a while, tried to remember everything that had occurred over the past month or so, promptly got overwhelmed and closed the book once more.

A similar cycle continued over the years. At the start of a New Year or on my birthday, I would begin with a new resolution to write in my diary every day.

Sometimes I kept my daily journal for a while, but found it mundane to repeat the same things day after day:

I ate breakfast; I did school; I took the dog for a walk; I read a book; I got in an argument with my little brother.

Needless to say, it wasn’t long before I stopped keeping a diary. From time to time, I would make an effort, like when my daughter was born, or when I discovered that my kids were growing up waaaaaay too fast and I didn’t want to forget those special moments. But life always shoved itself into the forefront and pushed reminiscing to the back. My diary was forgotten again.

A New Year is ahead once more. Time continues racing. And my days remain as busy as ever. Yet, an idea forms in my mind.

What about a diary of “lasting” moments?

Not every moment. Not what I ate for breakfast or what I managed to clean up in the house or what work project I completed.

Lasting moments…the ones that tend to remain in the heart long after they are over.

It doesn’t have to be hugely unique or expensive. It can be….

  • A story read, with a child sitting on my lap, excitedly asking “What happens next?”
  • A project done together, even if the finished product isn’t perfect.
  • An afternoon outing to a park, complete with races or a game of hide-and-seek.
  • Watching a video together around a bowl of popcorn.
  • Putting aside a personal to-do for the moment to take time for one of the kids.
  • Taking one of them for a surprise snack.
  • Enjoying a board game together.

Those simple things that, patchworked together, create the unique frame for the portrait of childhood memories, hung permanently upon their hearts.

I think I just found a worthy New Year’s resolution!


The Warmth of Childhood

Christmas quote

A Joy Worth Toiling For

Christmas quotes

Our Hope for a Better Tomorrow

rest in peace, names of school shooting victimsAs I prayed with my children last night, before I realized it, I had begun to pray for the families of those who died at Sandy Hook Elementary School yesterday. I hadn’t spoken of it to my children, so once the prayer was over, my older children both asked what had happened.

I had kept the prayer very vague, so told them, “Something happened at a school today and some children got hurt.”

My husband added, “A few of them went to be with Jesus.”

I finished, “I was praying for their families because they are very sad, especially this being Christmas time, which is usually a happy time for families.”

My son, who is six years old, took a deep and shaky breath.

“Is everything okay?” I asked him.

He nodded but his eyes looked troubled.

“What is it?”

His voice shook as he said, with tearful eyes, “I’m sad for the families who lost their children at Christmas time.”

When I saw the tears in my son’s eyes, I couldn’t help but hold him tightly and tell him everything was going to be okay. I held out my arms and he came close for a hug. My daughter joined us.

I held them close as I said, “Don’t worry. Those children are now in a wonderful place. They’re having their first Christmas in Heaven and they’re in a place where they will never be hurt or sad again. We just need to pray for their families, because it’s sometimes hard to think of them in Heaven when they’re used to them being with them, on earth.”

My son nodded and headed off to his bed, comforted at the assurance. I was touched at this glimpse of my son’s heart, and so grateful for the blessing of each of my precious children.

Today, I read a number of comments from parents who held their children a little more tightly yesterday, and yes, I did too. And I think I should more often.

Hold your children tightly, every day.

Hug them. Love them. Share with them your hopes, prayers and every part of your life that you can. Let them know they are loved, accepted, and cherished.

Children give us such joy today. And they are our hope for a better tomorrow.

And in your prayers, please remember the names above, and for their parents, families and loved ones. Share the message that they will not be forgotten. Honor their memories by loving your own children more than ever, and raising them to believe that love will conquer hate, to live for a peace that will overcome strife, and to never give up believing in a better tomorrow. One day all they have dreamed will come to stay, always.