Monthly Archives: July 2014

Hiding in the Darkness

Red Laser BeamI huddled in the corner, holding my breath. A tiny red light, passed above me, slowly. It moved past once more, even more slowly.

“Not in here,” a voice called out.

“Keep looking.”

Footsteps receded. I breathed again. I was safe … for the moment. Should I stay here or make a run for it?

I heard a scream. One down. There had only been three of us. Now two. I knew her fate. I decided to stay put.

I kept my mind focused by counting to 60 and back again toward zero. At 38, I heard another shout. I cringed. Couldn’t they have lasted a little longer?

Footfalls approached. More this time. And heavier.

“She’s got to be somewhere.” The voice was strained. Impatient. I saw the glowing red on the wall to my left. It disappeared for a moment. Now it hovered above me. The approaching steps stopped, and I heard steady breathing.

“Do you see her?”

“Shh,” he answered. I held my breath once more. The light drew closer. It hit my eyes and passed on. Was it possible he didn’t see me? It passed again.

I couldn’t stand the suspense any longer. I began to laugh.

“Is that you?” my husband asked.

I stood up, still laughing.

Our children jumped up and down around  him. “You found her!” my older son called.

“Daddy couldn’t find me for a long time,” Aiden, our younger son, smiled proudly.

“It’s your turn to count, mom,” my daughter commanded.

My husband handed me the laser flashlight.

“One, two, three,” I began to count. My family members scattered.

Who said playing a game of tag with the kids can’t be a blast? Especially when it’s laser tag in the dark.