Mother and Daughter EmbracingAbout Me:

I recently heard somewhere that by the age of two, children generally know what they want to do in life. Then over the years they forget, or input and guidance from others cause them to forget their original intent.

I am unsure whether that is true, and I have no idea if I knew at the age of two what I wanted to be when I grew up. I have vague memories of my mother gardening, of my father reading stories to me, of my siblings playing as I tried to keep up with them. I cannot remember any epiphanies during that stage of my life.

One thing I always knew was that I would someday be a mother. I think that had something to do with my mother and her joy and mindsets about parenting. She always wanted to be a mom and she loved being a mother. She probably didn’t enjoy every single moment of it (raising and educating six kids at home isn’t exactly a walk in the park), but the overall feeling I had as a child was that I was loved and wanted.

After “growing up” and many adventures getting there, sure enough, I became a mother at 22. I was blessed with a daughter so beautiful and bright that when I next got pregnant, I was worried that all the good-looking and smart genes had already been “taken”. I was wrong. My first son, and second son as well, are every bit as smart, and handsome…and yes, a bit of a handful at times as well.

About Positive Parenting:

This blog has been “in the making” for a while. I love writing—stories, poetry, novels (well, working on that). I also love my kids and know that the world of the future is what we, the parents of today, make it, through the way we teach and educate our children. I wanted a way to blend my passion for writing and for parenting in one place—this is the result! I hope it will grow into more than just a “blog”. A place for discussion, questions and answers, and a source of great resources for parents and children.

A lot about being a positive parent has to do with mindset. Not everyone is thrilled at the thought of being a parent. No parent is jazzed about being a mother or father every waking moment of their lives. (If I’m wrong about that, please let me know. I would love to meet such a parent and get some tips!)

But every child does deserve the best so my vision for this blog is to help every parent “rise to the occasion” of parenting—so that we can bless our children with positive and inspired parents!

I don’t think it’s just me that looks around and says, “This generation of kids seems quite different from the last.” And it’s true; every child is unique and every generation of children is different because times change, the environment around us changes, thus altering that which is given to children and that which is expected of children. With changing surroundings, some needs of children change as well, but other things remain the same.

Every child needs to know that they have a parent or parents who love and respect them, who recognize them as individuals with their own hopes, dreams and future. Every child needs attention and education catered to their particular interests and gifts. Every child needs to know just how important they are, and that they can play a part in making our world a better place, no matter how young or small they are.

  1. GREAT idea! Not sure what you will include in your blog, but am thinking this might be a great place to include different organizational names that inspire positive relationships. Especially if the orgs are national or international. Sometimes as a new parent, it’s hard to find others who can offer support you are looking for. But if you find one and interact, then you can find another, then all the sudden, you’re not as alone as you thought. Orgs like AP Mommies (Attachment mommies) La Leche League, etc. Things like that can help a parent find more resources. Just a thought. Love you!

  2. I just discovered this site after slogging through so many negative, mean-spirited parenting blogs out there. I actually plugged in positiveparentingblog in a search just to see if such a thing even existed. My brother was exposed to one very popular website out there and said it was “hateful.” I’ve been talking about the hateful blogs for some time and was feeling sad that there doesn’t seem to be a blog out there that is geared toward respecting (and not complaining about or swearing about) children. Thank you for existing!

    • Thank you, Chris! I really appreciate your comment. Sorry to hear you and your brother have seen primarily negative blogs on parenting. Every parent has been blessed with the hope of the future: kids! The crying and the laughing, the hugs and the tantrums, the silly-jokes-that-make-no-sense and the sleepless nights trying to comfort a sick child are all part of that indescribable joy and pain of raising children. Feel free to stop by the blog any time; I took a posting sabbatical but am hopefully back in the swing of things. 🙂

      • Good. I can understand the sabbatical and I’m glad you’re back, because we need positivity. I’ve taken my own from writing, but I’m missing it. I used to be a stay-at-home dad, but I switched roles with my wife and the day job can sap the desire to sit by the computer at night and write. I’m thinking of posting my thoughts on all the negativity, since I dare not do so on the sites themselves, because the cabals of followers are always set on attack mode.

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