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Prayer for Oklahoma Families

prayer for Oklahoma familiesFather in Heaven,

Families were torn apart this past week when a tornado ripped through their homes and devastated their lives.

Parents lost children. I can’t imagine the sorrow and pain they face now, but you know, and you care.

Lord, bring them comfort.

Help them to know their children are your children too, and that you hold them in your arms, safe and secure in a place where there is no more sorrow or fear.

These same parents are having to now rebuild their homes, and their lives. Be their foundation as they build. Be their cornerstone, and their strong tower.

And as they rebuild, let them find rest and hope beneath the shadow of your wing.

Children lost parents. From one day to the next, their world has become a frightening and unsure place.

Father, they are your children, and you care for them like no other. Give them comfort and draw them near.

Let angels be at their side, so close they can feel them and know they are not alone.

As they try to make sense of their world, let them see through your eyes, and help them know there is a home beyond this one, a forever home, where they will be together again.

Pour grace, hope, and love into each life affected by this tragedy as only you can. Grace that grows greater and stronger than the deepest sorrow. Hope that sees beyond the rubble of today. And love, your love, that lasts forever. It goes beyond the temporary separation of death by entwining each life with your golden strands of love that will never be severed or broken.

In the name of Jesus, who took time for the children and said that the Father’s kingdom is made up of ones like them, be with your children — young and old — and help them find hope and healing in your arms.



Happy Mother’s Day!

My mom reading to my daughterI just enjoyed a Mother’s Day lunch with my two sisters. My mom had reserved a table for the four of us at one of her favorite restaurants. But this morning, when I texted her “Happy Mother’s Day,” she let me know she was on her way to a birth and wouldn’t make it for lunch. My mom is a midwife, and a terrific one at that. Only Heaven knows how many lives she has touched with her presence during such an important time in parents’ lives — the birth of their child.

But on Mother’s Day? I felt bad, for me, for my sisters, and for my mom. Going to lunch without her felt like throwing a party without the guest of honor. It was great to visit with my oldest sister, whom I haven’t seen since last year, and have time to chat with my sisters without being interrupted by our children every 2.5 minutes (as much as we love them). But it also felt like something was missing. Someone.

I realized, though, that mom is doing what she does best, being there for others when they need her. Just like she was always there for me.For all of us.

Some evenings, I struggle to make sure my kids have finished their homework. My mom home-schooled six of us and I never heard her complain or remark about how much work we all were. Actually, when my older siblings started going to high school, she would be happy to call in sick for them when needed, because it would mean they would be home and she would have more time with her kids. She just loved being a mom.

All week I’ve been thinking about writing a post here for Mother’s Day, wondering what to write about my mom. I have enough precious memories to fill a book, but somehow nothing I could formulate into words seemed “enough.” It’s funny how the people who mean the most to you, and who have done the most for you, are the same people you feel most incapable of appreciating and thanking, and telling them just how much you love them. But I guess we still have to try.

For the record, Mom … Thanks. I love you and admire you more than words could say. Thanks for always dreaming of being a mom, because you are the best one ever! Thanks for following your calling to be a midwife, because so many more people than just me — mommies and babies and daddies too — need the blessing of your concern and care. Thanks for living your dreams, because it shows me that I can live mine too. And thanks for being an awesome mom, because it inspires me to try to be the same for my kids.

Happy Mother’s Day!

No Greater Privilege

No Greater Privilege